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Angels Of Remembrance | Scott Keegan Photography


This is an image of the Horse Guards War Memorial in St James Park, London. It’s taken from 3 handheld shots at +/- 2 stops, processed in Photomatix Pro and then further tweaked in LR3 to desaturate the colours slightly, give the soldiers a more shiny look, and finally to enhance the halo around the soldiers heads produced by the HDR process.


Sunset On The Empire


I wanted an image that would reflect a theme of the sun setting on the British Empire after watching a recent TV program.  I took this image of the Queen Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace in London during a recent afternoon in London.  It's from 3 handheld images at +/-2 stops, processed in Photomatix then tweaked in Lightroom3 to give it a slightly more golden glow.

Covered Bridge at Cataract Falls, IN – Oxherder Arts


While driving on a business trip I saw a sign for “Cataract Falls” and knew I had to turn off and chase the sunset at this place. Here is what I found.

This is typical three exposure HDR (+2/-2/0), processed with Photomatix and PS CS4

Baytowne Marina at Sunset (NW Florida)


Nikon D3 + 14-24mm f/2.8G – f/8, 200 ISO, 9aeb – Michael James – –


NIkon D700, 9 Exposures, 14mm, f/8, ISO 100

Boston, MA


Flatiron Building, New York | Dave Wilson Photography


I like to try and find different approaches to shooting well-known subjects. For this shot of the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, I decided to use a long telephoto from a couple of blocks north of the building. This compressed the perspective and generated what, to me, is a compelling pattern picture.

New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway


The railway, also known as the Susie-Q, or simply the Susquehanna, is a freight railway operating over 500 miles of track in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  It was formed in 1881 from the merger of several smaller railroads. Passenger service, including commuter service from Northern New Jersey to New York City, was offered until 1966.


The NYS&W was the primary railroad featured in the movie The Station Agent, with the restored Newfoundland, New Jersey station as the main focal point in the movie, which was directly behind me when I shot this.


ISO: 100, f/20, 15mm