A Harley in Bruges


You may find after I eventually post most of my Holland-Belgium photos, that I have a serious love of cool alleyways. Everytime I walked past one on this trip, I was craning my neck and peering down them to see if it was interesting enough to shoot.

I loved this one in particular. Cobblestone, brick walls, the blur doors, the archway at the end…plus a Harley Davidson parked in the foreground and a sports car out in the distance. I actually love the balance the car creates, even if it was part of the "Smart Car" family.

This is a standard 3-bracket HDR shot, but I used one of my favorite plugins, Topaz Adjust, to give it some extra flavor. I normally go for realism in coloring and style when it comes to HDR, but every now and then a photograph cries out for some a little "above and beyond" work. I like the faded, older look this has now and it really fit the town it was shot in. The filter also seems to bring out a little bit more of the color in the doorways and the cobblestones.

Have I mentioned how much I loved Bruges? I can't even begin to describe all the photo opps in that town…it was endless. Seriously. Endless.

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3 responses to “A Harley in Bruges”

  1. Scott Wyden Kivowitz says :

    Such a great shot. The stone street and buildings combined with a bad-a$$ bike makes for a killer HDR!

  2. Gerry Chaney says :

    Thats a great image. Topaz is great but I find it hard to find the limit with it sometimes. Some of the presets are way ott. You`ve used it well here though.

  3. mikeolbinski says :

    Thanks guys…yeah, Topaz is interesting, I normally only use it for Exposure Correction where it kind of lightens an otherwise dark photo, but every now and then when you want to get crazy, it has some cool filters.

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