HDR Portrait (my client was the guinea pig)


 Nikon D3 + Nikon 35mm f/2D – f/8, 200 ISO, 5aeb (workflow on my blog) – Michael James – http://www.hdriblog.com – http://www.digitalcoastimage.com


6 responses to “HDR Portrait (my client was the guinea pig)”

  1. Scott Wyden Kivowitz says :

    You got 5 exposures with them standing that way? Did you have to mask a lot?

  2. Michael James says :

    Shit… I forgot to put in the description that I had the D3 set to continuous shooting at 9fps and had the flash fire on the first frame.  I ended up (if I recall) only using the first three or four frames.  I know I didn't need the last one with the over exposure.  The flash can't recycle at that speed so only the first shot gets lit.

  3. Michael James says :

    I forgot to mention that I think I only ended up using the first 3 to 4 frames of the 5AEB and had the flash set to fire with the D3 set at 9 frames per second. The speedlite can’t recycle at that interval so it only has power for the first frame.

  4. Michael James says :

    Also, I override my camera defaults to have it bracket from under exposed to over exposed for all my sequences. Personal preference, but shooting for a scene like this it is the best practice for best results.

  5. CJ Kern says :

    Michael, great shot and excellent tips!

  6. Corporate photographer London says :

    Great use of flash as a strong fill in.Works really well with the sun going down behind to create a lovely portrait. Grant

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