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Couldn’t leaf it alone.

Bright sunny day and lot’s of orange, red and yellow around.  I couldn’t resist.  Processed with Photomatix Pro.


Killing Boredom


While waiting for the train, i looked up and found this old control box in the ceiling of the station. Shot with Pentax k7, 50mm prime 1.4, f3.2, ISO 100, 5 exposures, Photomatix & Co.

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Buff Booty | Rob Hanson Photography


This machine will get your booties looking nice and buff.

Located in the main workshop at Peter Limmer & Sons, Bootmakers, in Intervale, New Hampshire. Many thanks to Peter for letting me drag my camera rig throughout his shop.

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Parque Cristal


NIKOn D80, NIKON 18-55@18mm, ISO 100, f/5, 3 Exposures

CCTV Tower Beijing


The Headquarter of Chinese Television in the capital Beijing. Shot with Pentax k100ds, Sigma 17-70, f22, ISO 200, 3 exposures.

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