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Cloudy Alamo Sunset


A mostly cloudy sunset at the Alamo, located in San Antonio, Texas.

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Thank you all for making 2010 an outstanding and very productive year!  Please feel free to check out my post featuring my top 15 photos of the year.  Thanks again, and hopefully 2011 is an even better year!


Curragh Trees


3 exposures. 1, 1/15 and 1/3 @ f22. Nikon D90 and Sigma 10-20.

Someone Call a Plumber

San Clemente Pier is a 1,296-foot long pleasure pier featuring spectacular Pacific Ocean views. In addition to offering free fishing, the pier has indoor/outdoor restaurant dining and offers a wonderful location to watch surfing competitions, sports activities and the beach fun.

This is the view from underneath the pier. The four colorful items on the huge drainage pipe are 8×10 graffiti sketches. Why they were attached to the pipe in a mystery – perhaps a staging area for after dark work? I was amazed by the maze of wires, conduits, pipes servicing the above establishments.


Light Rays from sunset


Was a spectacular sunset where you drive around to find the perfect spot for a foreground and then realize you drove to long and are going to miss everything….so you run as fast as you can across the greens and photograph a tree on a golf course as a last ditch effort to make up for your indecisiveness.

Primordiality | Rob Hanson Photography


I was definitely going for a more surrealistic look on this, while still retaining all the great details in the scene. Nine exposures +/-1EV merged in Photomatix Pro 4, with lots of love from Nik Software Color Efex Pro and DFine 2.

Old Church and Graveyard – Ballinafagh, Co Kildare


3 exposures, 2 stops between each at f16 and ISO 200. Nikon D90 and Sigma 10-20

The Lift is Real


"The Lift is Real" graffiti near the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland.

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