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Top Secret – Newest F1 RacingCar explored


In a forest piece somewhere in the world I could throw an exclusive look at the newest formula 1 object. It is still unclear which team goes in the next season with it to the start. ^^

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AirportFireEngine with Airbus A319


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This is another shot from the Train Museum in Sacramento, California. This is a 3 exposure HDR shot with my now trusty Gorilla Pod!

Adjacent to the main museum building is reconstruction of the 1870s-era  Central Pacific Railroad passenger station and freight depot on Front Street, which houses historic and contemporary railroad equipment.

In early 2011, the interior remained closed to public use, but is occasionally open for special events. During the summer, the  Sacramento Southern Railroad, operated by the museum, takes passengers on a 40-minute, six-mile roundtrip route along the Sacramento River on a portion of the Walnut Grove branch of the former  Southern Pacific Railroad. The Sacramento Southern Railroad owns the Walnut Grove Branch right-of-way that extends south from Sacramento along the eastern bank of the Sacramento River. A few miles of track were rebuilt along the  levee near  Freeport as part of a US Army Corps of Engineers project. The CSRRM hopes to one day have a longer excursion line, perhaps as far as Hood California. At that location the railroad passengers could disembark the train and take a tourist steamboat back up the Sacramento River to Old Sacramento.


OC Floor number SEVEN

I was luck to spend an evening with two great HDR photographers in Oceanside, California last night. Both Steve Skinner and Rod Wilson where very good to meet. This is one from a 7th floor condo overlooking the harbor at sunset. A little early for the 4th of July but leaving it in the picture it was easier than bending over the railing to move the flag. please visit my other work


La Conner Harbour

This was a hand held 5 shot with my Nikon D3 and 24-70/2.8 lens.What a great little victorian style town.


Capitol Glow


Canon EOS 60D, EF-S 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS, f6.3, ISO250, 18mm, HDR, 9 Exposures

Just how many steps do they need anyway? This is the front entrance to the state capitol building in St. Paul, MN. Much like the other state capitols, it offers a pretty cool photo op due to it’s classic design and ridiculous number of steps that lead up to the front door. And when it’s dark out, like early in the morning when most folks are smart enough to be inside instead out in the sub-twenty degree weather taking pictures, the lights are left on and yield a pretty fetching glow.

I’m a little disappointed that the statue up by the dome was under repair that morning, but it can still be seen pretty well with the scaffolds around it. The back side of the building was covered up with the scaffolds as the outside of the building is receiving a facelift. When I was here last summer, it sure looked like it could use one, but this side of the building looks pretty good!

Processed most of the image in Elements, applying a Gaussian Blur to an Overlay adjustment layer, a little bit of a Multiply adjustment layer to darken a hair, then applied a mild High Pass Filter to sharpen it up. Finished up the image in Aperture.

Saint John the Baptist Cathedral


In September 1998, the Most Reverend J. Kevin Boland, the thirteenth bishop of Savannah, commenced a major restoration for the Cathedral. Directed by the Cathedral Rector, Monsignor William O. O’Neill, the exterior project included the replacement of the slate roof. Conrad Schmitt Studios of New Berlin, Wisconsin was commissioned for the restoration of the decorative paint scheme, murals, stained glass and Stations of the Cross. The restoration was completed in November 2000 to honor the 150th anniversary of the diocese and the 100th anniversary of the rededication of the Cathedral.


Location: Savannah GA