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Auberge Restaurant – Montreal

A nice looking restaurant I encountered while wandering in Old Montreal…from the blog at





We cruised along the Unstrut river in East Germany and really enjoyed the amazing nature surrounding us.
Shot with Pentax k7, 8mm Fisheye, f13, ISO 200, HDR from 5 exposures, Photomatix & Co.

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Condo Sunset


A nice sunset and a Japanese condo. I bet it’s a great view from one of those top floors. 


This is a 5 exposure HDR. If I had wanted the building, I may have gone up to 7 exposures, but I wanted the building to be mostly in shadow. I added a small vignette and some burnt edges. When I was editing, I liked it. But now that I look again, I think it looks strange, especially on the left edge. Oh well–what do you guys think? I also added some grain: not a lot, just a touch. I always like the look of grain, but that may just be me. 


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H Day R

Downtown Los Angeles is typically slow on the weekends.  On memorial day weekend, it’s a ghost town.  

You can see hundreds of LA HDR images if you Click H E R E 

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Forgotten Girl


Canon EOS 60D, EF-S 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS, f5.6, ISO100, 18mm, HDR, 9 Exposures

I’ve pretty much come to the understanding that if I get one good shot form a photo outing, I should be happy. I mean, it’s hard to get stirred every time you go out with the camera, and even if your creative mind is working, finding something to suit it is not always easy. Yesterday’s walk with my brother Jerry Denham was very much like that. 

We took a trip to Paris, TN, to hunt around the back alleys in the little town and targets were a bit hard to come by, but I found the one shot that made the trip worth while. In an alley off of another alley, the doors on today’s image caught my eye. They were beat up and had paint chipping and peeling all around it. But as I looked around the frame, a stencil of a little girl on the wall next to the door jumped out at me.

It’s this kind of pic that gets me excited. So many questions around why this little girl was painted on this wall. First of all, why? Why her and why here? Is this decoration or a tribute to someone? So many questions, but that’s what makes a good pic, a story is told but never finished and allows you to add your own ending.

The image is not very straight, mainly because there was a huge air conditioner directly across from the doors which would not allow me to get square. Love the weed growing out of the window on the left – apparently there’s nothing going on in this place.

Life On A House Boat

Living on an island has it’s perks, that’s for sure.  One of them being our marinas.  As we attended the Wooden Boat Festival at the Maple Bay Marina, in the Cowichan Valley of BC in Canada, we spent some time walking the docks and taking in the sights.  Some of the houseboats moored really were very beautiful and full of local character.  The reflection in this scene with the peek-a-boo houseboat in the background really struck us as a quintessential island scene.  Please visit our blog “Life On A Houseboat” to see all 5 HDR images of this series.