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Today, an image of the sculpture “vortex” by Richard Serra at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.

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The Old City Quarter

A trip into the Old City Quarter of Nanaimo, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island produced a new series of images that showcase this magical district.  Full of history and heritage, this area has some wonderful architecture which will all be the subject of an upcoming shoot we have planned.  Please feel free to visit our blog “The Old City Quarter” to see all 4 new HDR images and to read the story behind them.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

During my day trip to Sedona Arizona over the weekend I spent a fair amount of time at the ever popular Chapel of the Holy Cross. Sure, I know it’s a touristy spot, but the architecture is pretty neat and the view from there is real sweet. I wasn’t there early enough to avoid the crowds so I just included the people in this image. I hadn’t noticed at the time that there were 3 groups of people having their pictures taken.

View of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Sedona, Arizona


Canon 5D MkI, Contax T* Vario- Sonnar 35-70/f3.4 , 35mm @ f11 – Exposure HDR, 9 Frame Panorama,  ISO 50, Custom mode, Hand-held. Lightroom 3, Photoshop CS5, Topaz Adjust.


All That Jazz


1/20 sec., f/5.6, ISO 6400, -2, 0, +2 tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in Photoshop CS5

This was an older HDR that had some issues in post processing.  I revisited it today and touched it up a bit.  It was shot during Jazz Fest in New Orleans this spring.  Hope you like it

Modern Art Museum

Today, an image of the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Rocky Hill Hook & Ladder


From the web site:

Although a fire company existed in Rocky Hill long before 1902 the first written record describes the formation of the Rocky Hill Hook and Ladder Co. #1 by William Stults. In late June 1902 these first firemen placed an order for a hand-drawn Seagraves Hook and Ladder truck costing $370.00. On August 15, 1902, the Rocky Hill Hook and Ladder Company #1 was incorporated and for many years served the area between Hopewell, Princeton and New Brunswick.

The Toad and the Treehouse


A weekend visit to an enchanted garden resulted in a series of fabulous new shots to share with everyone today.  Complete with a treehouse, a rope swing, magical gates and of course… the troll’s doorway,  Please feel free to visit our latest photoblog “The Toad and the Treehouse” to see all 8 new HDR images and to read the story behind them.