This is Villa 8, a ward in Bangour Village Hospital which now lies dormant and derelict. It used to be a thriving community housing and caring for the mentally ill.

There are many urban legends connected to this place, usually involving ghosts and psychopathic patients.

What is true?…..I don’t know!

Have a walk round here and decide for yourself. You really can’t grasp how big Bangour is until you’ve walked the grounds. In actual size, including the wooded areas to the north, Bangour is 960 acres big and includes over 4 miles of road. When walking round Bangour it can sometimes be quite eerie, the whole place is just like a derelict village, as if the inhabitants just got up and left; bus shelters still bear the old timetables, the shop still sells in shillings, the phones still work and even the drugs are still in the drug cabinets. However you can’t escape the fact that at one point Bangour was once a thriving, peaceful community.

PS, Villa 8 is the ward wheer my mum was Staff Sister for over 20 years.




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