Out of Socket


Canon 60D, EF 50mm f1.8, f2.8, ISO100, HDR, 3 Exposures

Had a rare opportunity in the middle of the day Friday to go and take pictures. I had to take the day off to watch the boy while my bride made an unscheduled weekend trip to TN. Sam has half day Kindergarten in the afternoon and after dropping him off, the car steered towards the Hastings Rail Yard – where else?

Having not been to the yard during the day, I had no idea it would be that busy. Trains were moving back and forth on either side of the depot, so I decided to stay close to old building rather than take chances around the cars.

The depot has a large breezeway in between its two major sections and this is where you can see some age to the place. The ceiling of the breezeway is made up of wood slats and in the middle of it was this old light socket with a little grit, dust and cobwebs. There’s no telling how long this socket has been there and how many lights had been home there, but now it is merely a relic to show off the age of the building.

I’m not sure if the crooked slats are real or a product of lens distortion, but I could not get the orientation adjusted without having one end or the other bent, so I went with it and will claim it to be shoddy craftmanship – you choose the craftsman!


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