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Cockshutt Tractor: A Beautiful Antique


My love for antique tractors made me stop in my tracks last fall when we encountered this old unit.  Full of great character and obviously with plenty of life left in it, this wonderful vehicle suddenly became the subject of a short photo-shoot.  Please feel free to visit our blog “Cockshutt Tractor: A Beautiful Antique” to see all 6 new HDR images of this tractor, and to read the story behind them and the company that made it.


Rainbow Falls State Park


Rainbow Falls State Park is a 139-acre camping park with 3,400 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Chehalis River. Situated in stands of old-growth forest, the park features a waterfall and a small fuchsia garden.  To the right was a pedesetrian suspension bridge erected during the 1960’s.  Sadly all that remains now is one suspension rope due to the flood of Dec 2007. 

The Tormore Distillery

The Tormore is one of the younger Scottish whiskies, the distillery construction began in 1958 and was completed in 1960. It was designed by Sir Albert Richardson and it is one of the most architecturally striking distilleries. The main building is made of granite, has copper rotors and a clock which plays four different Scottish songs each quarter of an hour. The nice topiary hedges in the front garden are clipped to the shape of a bell or still.

If you like to see more pictures from Scotland, please visit my website:



The Bunker


I love Sandy Hook – everywhere you go, there are little (or huge) pieces of real, all-American military history dating all the way back to the Revolution.

This bunker is by one of the fishing beaches, an area I’ve never explored before. It had a very post-apocalyptic feel to it, so I decided some HDR work was in order.

The clouds were getting dark at this point, but not black, which made for some great texture in the sky.

I’m really pleased with the shot…the end result is a perfect match of what I was envisioning as I shot the scene.

3 exposures combined in Photomatix 4.1.4, sandwiched by two correctly exposed originals and two filtered layers in Photoshop.

Flying Off to Space


The colors made the photo look a bit cartoony, but this is one of the best shots I took during the weekend we were at Enchanted Kingdom.,

Stone Age Waterfalls

I love how the water flows like some feathery substance – silky and gracefully. 🙂