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Parliament House of Finland

Parliament House is the seat of Parliament of Finland. The building is located in downtown Helsinki, very close to other landmarks such as Central Railway Station. The representatives meet in the Parliament House to decide what’s going on here in Finland. Photographing outside the building is OK without any permissions but for photographing inside you need one.


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Alternative Ladder


Volunteer Fire Department Schöningen (Germany)

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Equipment Truck


Volunteer Fire Department Schöningen (Germany)

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St. Andrew’s Anglican Church


This beautiful historic church sits high atop Mission Hill in Courtenay, BC, Canada.  It is the first church constructed in the area, deeming it to be the Mother Church for northern Vancouver Island.  Deep in history and just recently completely restored, this wonderful old facility formed the basis for an extensive shoot we did recently.  Please feel free to visit our blog “St. Andrew’s Anglican Church” to see all 10 new HDR images, and to read the in-depth story behind the building and our shoot.

Dr. Matz Building, North


One of three photos taken 10 days before a devastating fire destroyed the entire building on Saint Valentine’s day 2012.

The Dr. Matz building was built in 1889 and had a square footage of 10,888 feet. Linda Hamilton, purchased the building 10 years ago for $225,000. Hamilton’s coffee shop, Centralia Perk, would have celebrated its 10th anniversary this July.


Before it was home to the Centralia Perk coffee shop, originally served as a branch of the United States National Bank, and the upstairs were doctors’ offices, later housed a variety of other businesses, including several other banks and a record shop.


Originally the site was occupied by “Pioneer House,” a resting place for early traveling pioneers.




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Inside Cathedral of Helsinki

Tuomiokirkko Lutheran Cathedral in downtown Helsinki, Finland is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. Wikipedia tells that about 350 000 people visit the church annually. Religious ceremonies as well as weddings are held inside. Christmas time there was a service and a children choir singing. The entrance to the church is free and it is easily approachable from Central Railway Station by foot or by tram.


This picture shows the interiors of Cathedral. The main altar is on right hand side, main entrance is on the left hand side and this is the aisle that crosses the church. On a quiet Monday it was a good time to photograph there 🙂

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Haunted: The Tod House


Historic architecture creates such interesting subject matter for photography by itself, but when mingled in with great stories these images can take on a life of their own. Today we look at the oldest house in Western Canada and talk a little about rumors of underground tunnels and hauntings.

Please visit our blog “Haunted: The Tod House” for the story behind the photos.