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I took a return visit to the local American vehicle workshop yesterday as there was a film crew shooting a documentary on the subject of American cars so the owner was kind enough to let me know that there would be a good opportunity to get some good photographs. There was some cars there that I had not seen before so out come the camera & tripod and off I went grabbing shots were I could.
Here is one of the trucks from yesterdays shoot.


An Afternoon At The Villa


Just moments away from a date with a wrecking ball, this historic old heritage home was almost lost forever. The great group of people at TLC The Land Conservancy of BC stepped in at the last moment to save it, and today we are 10 years into the restoration and renovation of this heritage facility. The Ross Bay Villa is a hugely important piece of history of our area, and we were thrilled beyond words to have a chance to photograph a bit of the house and interior, as well as an active archeological dig that is underway on the grounds.

Please feel free to visit our blog “An Afternoon At The Villa” for the story behind the photos.

Maroon Bells with Summer Flowers – Colorado


“Maroon Bells with Summer Flowers” is an 8-photo HDR image that was first processed in Nik’s HDR Efex Pro software. In addition I also used Color Efex Pro 4 to enhance the colors, and Define 2 to remove noise from the sky that was introduced in the HDR process.

You can read more about how this was photographed with before photos here:


This is an image taken during sunset at Gate’s Pass just west of Tuscon, Arizona. The top of the Pass offers brilliant sunsets and is frequented by scores of people every evening when there is promise of a colorful sky. After a short hike, we came across this lone cactus which, along with us, overlooking the valley below and the splendour of the setting sun. To capture all of the light, we shot three exposures and later combined them with a speciality photographic software package called Photomatix Pro. We love the contrast of the lone, prickly cactus who watches the soft sunset with strength and fortitude, being at peace…just being.


Old Helsinki

This is how the old part of Helsinki looks like. Pretty narrow streets, old buildings and the Cathedral in the background. The photo was taken during the blue hour.

See also more HDR photography from Helsinki.


Lonely Dock

I’ve been intrigued by this dock for several years, more so since I’ve never seen a boat moored to it.